How can a brush straighten all of my hair in just 2-3 minutes?

The innovative 3D ceramic brush head surface is larger and wider than traditional irons and can therefor straighten larger strands of hair in a shorter period of time. The exact time it takes to straighten depends on your hair type and style desired. On average the Luma straightened hair in about 2-3 minutes. If it normally takes you 20-30 minutes to do your hair it would take you 2-3 minutes with the Luma. If it takes you 40-50 minutes it would take you 4-5 minutes.

Can the brush burn my scalp?

The ceramic brush head is surrounded by plastic heat insulated bristles and the same bristle are also located on the tips of the turquoise ceramic head that are there to protect your scalp from touching the heated ceramic part of the brush. You should always avoid direct contact when the brush is hot.

How can I clean my Luma Brush?

When the brush is not connected to the socket, and is completely cooled off- face the ceramic brush head facing down (so that water doesn’t get inside the brush head) and clean with a tooth brush or a damp wash cloth.

What material is the brush made of?

The brush is made of a durable plastic with a CERAMIC 3D surface on the brush head.

How do I know when the brush has reached the correct temperature setting?

The indicator light will turn from RED to GREEN. You can then begin to use your Luma.

Can I use Luma on wet hair?

No, it is not recommended for use on wet hair.

Does the Luma damage hair?

The Luma Brush uses a ceramic 3D material to straighten hair vs. an iron that squeezes hair between 2 flat heating elements. In this way, Luma is safer for your hair than most straightening/styling tools currently on the market. Many companies claim they use real ceramic heating elements in their products but they aren’t in fact made of high quality ceramic which can be very damaging to hair.

Is the Luma Brush for all hair types?

Luma is for a large range of hair types and dramatically shortens the time it takes to style your hair. Some hair types will encounter better and faster results than others but in general all hair types from frizzy to curly or wavy to thin will get great results with the Luma.

What happens if my Luma Brush stops working?

Luma brushes are produced using high quality materials and we pride ourselves in achieving the highest standards in production. Very seldom will a Luma brush simply stop working but this is possible.
If your brush has any malfunction please contact the retailer you purchased your Luma from for service.
In case they cannot assist you with your issue you can always contact us at:

Why choose Luma Brush™?

Why Choose Luma

Can I use the Luma Brush if I live outside the US?

Yes you can! The Luma is universal voltage comparable. 50w 110_240v. So it works on 110 and 220 or 240V with a simple adapter. The plug itself is a standard US plug.

Do you ship internationaly? If so what is the cost?

We offer international shipping for $19 flat fee via USPS. Just choose your country in the shipping calculator at checkout. Please allow some extra time for delivery on international orders.

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